Training Goes On

Since I last posted about my training, I have competed in a race (Yankee Springs Time Trial) where I finished dead last, which is better than last year when I crashed and did not finish.  In fairness, I got a flat that I took way too long to fix.  If I eliminate the time it took to fix the flat I moved up 5 places.  Since then I did a 4 hour ride on Sunday of this week and a 1 hour trainer ride yesterday.  Tonight I am going for a night ride on dirt roads with a friend.  I expect to be riding for 2 to 2 -1/2 hours.  I need some practice riding with the lights.  Saturday, the plan is 5 hours.  The next race for me will be the 12 Hours of Addison Oaks.  I may not be totally ready, but it will be a good test.