Racing to save the world

Official Google Blog: Racing to save the world

I just love Liberals, they are just so funny. They want to “raise awareness for the importance of individual action to reduce carbon emissions” by jetting all over the world burning carbon as they go. Don’t get me wrong, the athletic feat of running a marathon on the ice over the north pole is quite an impressive feat. but look at what it takes to get there.

How will I get to the North Pole?

You will arrange round trip flights from your homeland to a town called Longyearbyen, which is situated on Spitsbergen (Svalbard) off the coast of Norway. There are daily flights from Oslo to Spitsbergen. From there, you will be flown to the North Pole.

By what means am I transported to and from the North Pole?

An Antonov plane will fly you to an international North Pole Camp situated between 89N and 90N, drifting in the high Arctic Ocean. The Antonov will return to collect you approximately 48 hours later.

and for the egomaniac:

I know we are floating on ice, but will I get to stand at the exact Geographic North Pole?

Yes. Assuming we are not by some remote chance floating over 90N when all have finished the race, we will travel by Mi-8 chopper to the exact Geographic North Pole (90N). Remember that we are floating on the Arctic Ocean and within moments we will have moved away from the exact North Pole!

So if the ice isn’t exactly over the North Pole, they will burn Helicopter fuel to get there. In all fairness, they could be using Hybrid Planes and Helicopters.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea of a Marathon like this is an awesome idea and if I were a runner, it would be on my dream list, but to do it to “raise awareness for the importance of individual action to reduce carbon emissions” is down-right silly.