How I Celebrate My Birthday

I really am lame.  The first thing I did was get a 3 hour training ride in.  I rode from my house out to Maybury State Park, rode 2 laps on the “Winter Loop”, and rode home by way of Hines Part.  The “Winter Loop” exists because the other 3-4 miles of the Maybury State Park trail are not open until 4/15.  Then I spent time with my wife until she had to go to work and the rest of the day with my daughter.  My daughter and I didn’t leave the house for the rest of the day.  It was great.

I really intend to celebrate my birthday (or at least being in my 40’s) by participating in a 12-hour endurance mountain bike races this summer.  The first one is May 19th and all things considered I am feeling pretty good.  I really need to focus on losing weight to make this easier on myself.  I am down 5 pounds from the first of the year, but that seems pretty insignificant for all the hard work I have put into training.