Have I Lost My Mind?

As I mentioned earlier , I signed up for the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon. I really started training for the Swimming part of the triathlon basically the week of 1/25/07. The first time I had been lap swimming in over 16 years. Wow, did I underestimate how difficult that was. I did manage to swim a quarter mile (16 lengths in a 64 length/mile pool) in 13:26. That includes time spent at the end of the pool gasping for breath. My goals are relatively simple. I hope to survive the swim, at or near the top on the bike and middle of the pack on the run. Hopefully, I won’t lose so much in the pool that I can’t make middle of the pack.

My weight has finally started a downward trend. I weighed in today at 244 pounds. Here is a picture of me in a Cyclocross Race at about 10 pounds lighter wearing a baggy jersey to hide the stomach that prevents me from getting on the drops of my road bike.
Cyclocross - 2005 at Waterford

I don’t know how much I can lose before the triathlon, but I sure am trying.  A brief recap of my year

Year to Date (2/7/2007)
Cycling: (All on the Trainer) 13:54:27 – 208.33 miles
Running:  (Treadmill) 2:27:45 – 14.93 miles
Swimming:  0:53:47 – 1600 meters