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Ok, I believe I have already admitted to being a geek.  I am also attempting to get through my midlife crisis with Endurance Sports.  I have already signed up for an Indoor Triathlon at Lifetime Fitness.  I am also planning on competing in the 12 hour Mountain Bike Races this summer.  Being the geek that I am, I had to find a way to track my workouts and vital stats (at least my weight anyway).  I have found a number of sites to do this and I intend to review them here.

1.  FitDay

FitDay is a free Diet and Weight Loss Journal.  It is aimed at people looking to manage their weight.  It provides the ability to track food eaten, activities and weight.  However the activity tracking is limited and general.  For the geek, I prefer something that tracks more details regarding the activities.  There is a journal feature available.

2.  MotionBased

MotionBased is a activity tracker for those of you who use a GPS to track your workouts.  It does an awesome job of tracking almost every piece of data that can be pulled off the GPS.  The only thing I don’t like is that if you use the GPS to track activities where you don’t move, MotionBased cannot handle it.  You can see my logs here.

3.  weENDURE

weENDURE is a workout tracker that tracks specific workouts for Running, Swimming and Cycling (both outdoor and on a trainer).  I like this site, but the specificity limits it’s usefulness.  You can see my entries here

4.  traineo

traineo has the unique distinction of being a community based site.  It is intended to encourage those looking to lose weight with a community based approach.  The tracking is very general, much like fit day.  You can view my entries here.

Overall, The web based tracking sites are adequate, but the Garmin Training Center included with my Garmin Edge 305 is my main tracking solution.  I guess I need to start my own tracking site if I really want to put what I want in.

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