The Most Important Lesson – It Is Not About Me

I was listening to my Rush Limbaugh podcast this morning and he was talking about yet another story where someone tried to force someone else to do something because they were “offended.”  This just triggered the thought in my head of how many “offenses” would be unnoticed if more people realized that “It is not about me.”  This is not isolated to a certain segment of the population.  It manifests itself in the Christian community as being offended by someone saying “Happy Holidays.”  I bring this up because it is the Christian community that should most know better.

In an “It’s all about me” world, it is easy to be offended because anything that anyone else does that disagrees with my world view is offensive to me.  For example, the story Rush was talking about was a school bus driver wearing a Santa hat that offended a 10 year old who doesn’t believe in Santa.  In the “All about me (and my 10 year old child) world” it was a reasonable thing to go to the Bus company and ask that the driver remove his hat because obviously the driver put on the hat to offend the 10 year old. 

The easy thing to say is that in a Godless world, it is much easier to assume the “It is all about me” attitude.  It is much more difficult to see how this has crept into the Christian culture.  Pastor Rick Warren starts “A Purpose Driven Life” with “It is not about you.”  Every Christian knows in their head that it is not about them, the trick is getting that into their hearts. 

I think a great role model for this is The President of the United States, George W. Bush.  A man who the mere fact that he is President offends many people has been able to show the World that he sees the bigger picture.  I have never heard the President talk about the truly offensive comments made about him.  Instead, he recognizes that his job is not about him.

I kinda make fun of myself in that this Blog is all about me, and it is to a point.  However, I do recognize that life in general is not about me.  It makes life a lot more pleasant to live in when everything is not about me.