A Week On A Week Off

Well the holidays made everything crazy.  I did managed to get a good outdoor ride in the day after Christmas.  I road my Mountain Bike on the road.  You can see the GPS data for my ride here.  Then I just sat around an played with the new PS2 my daughter got for Christmas.  I did get some cardio in playing Dance Dance Revolution but I really like the sports games like Madden 07 and Tiger Woods 07

I tried to get an interval workout in yesterday morning only to find my Road Bike, that is currently on the Trainer needed a little mechanical work.  (Amazing how much better a bike works with a lubed chain.) 

This morning I managed to get a short run (7 minutes @ 7mph) on a treadmill before my upper body workout this morning at Lifetime Fitness.  Hopefully, I can keep up the workouts.  I weighed in at 251 today — not good.

My first planned race is April 15th, a 10 mile moutain bike time trial at Pontiac Lake. I won the Beginner Clydesdale Class here in 2005. I will race Sport this year and hopefully not slow down the womens classes too much.