The Week of Excuses

Let’s see, Saturday I worked from 3:45 am to 10:30 pm.  Sunday I needed to rest from Friday.  Monday I started on-call duty.  Tuesday I was up late with an issue from Monday.  Wednesday I had stayed up late because I was goofing around Tuesday night.  So I decided I needed to get back to working out because I had done nothing since Friday.  I decided to do a cardio workout because I could do that and not leave the house.  I rode to my CTS Mountain Bike Racing Training Video.  According to my Garmin Edge 305,  I rode 14.9 miles (in my basement) in 52:30 for an average speed of 17 mph.  I burned 1320 calories.  My average heart rate was 146 and my maximum heart rate was 168.  My average cadence was 82 rpms.  It felt good to get moving again.  It is already late tonight, so I probably won’t make it to the gym tomorrow.  Maybe another ride tomorrow night.