It’s Thursday and I am still going

This is the farthest I have made it into the week with consecutive workouts in over 2 months.  This morning I rode on my trainer to the CTS Mountain Bike Racing video.  It is a good workout but it is also a sign of how far I have fallen off even in the last couple of months.  I used to be able to ride it with the resistance set higher and at a higher heart rate.  Now I feel like I am going to collapse when I finish.

Now is the time of looking forward.  Santa is sending my present early this year.  I am getting a set of lights, the Blackburn System X6.  The point of these lights is to enable me to ride in 12 hour endurance races.  I am hoping to keep my training up and actually be prepared to ride a 12 hour race.  I do need to sit down and work through what races I am planning on competing in.  I will probably should be smarter than to race a 6 hour endurance race on Saturday, an 18 mile XC race the following Saturday and a 13 mile time trial on Sunday.  Three races in 8 days was quite fun, but probably not too good for me.

Todays numbers:

Distance: 14.30 mi.
Time: 0:52:30
Max HR: 162 bpm
Avg HR: 137 bpm
Avg Cadence: 86 rpm
Calories: 1192 cal

Since I worked out at home, I will not be weighing in.