What should a church be?

Please read this and then come back:  Mad Babble From A Church Planter…: The Post That MADE me famous

The key to it all is “My point is simply I am ashamed that I went to this thing instead of hanging out in my neighborhood and doing what I do best which is chilling with those who don’t go to church.”  I do believe that we as Christians do hide behind our Christianity.  The best analogy I can think of is saving a drowning person.  A good swimmer would think nothing of jumping in the water and pulling the drowning person out.  A less capable swimmer is as likely to get pulled under the water with the drowning person.  The best the non-swimmer can do is throw in a rope.  The strong in their faith are like the strong swimmer.  They don’t worry about themselves drowning, their only objective is to get as many people out of the water as possible.  I think God calls us to swim in the waters of world to help those who don’t know Him.