Race Report: 6 Hours of Addison Oaks

I did it. Today I raced in the 6 Hours of Addison Oaks. This was my first endurance race and this was how I had decided to celebrate turning 40. I raced in the solo 40+ mens class. This race took place on the 3rd straight day of rain. The races was a lot like riding in Peanut Butter. The conditons got worse as the day went on. The mud collected every where on my bike. I after the first two laps, I was not able to shift out of my granny gear on the front. This made for a very slow go of it. The first two laps were reasonable, but the last 3 were just miserable. At the end of the 5th lap, I had enough time to go out for a sixth lap actually, I had close to an hour, but I just didn’t want to fight the mud anymore. So I went to my pit stop and waited for the end of the race announcement. Then I rode accross the finish line about 2 minutes after the announcement. This was good enough to earn 2nd place in my class. I was very happy with my performance and disappointed with the conditions. The race would have been very fun in good conditions.

You can see all the statistics collected by my GPS unit here.