How I am celebrating turning 40!

Well, now I have done it. I have signed up to race in the 6 Hours of Addison Oaks mountain bike race. I will be racing for as many laps I as I can in 6 hours. My goal is to complete 60 miles in the 6 hours. I am a little worried because my training has fallen of in the last few week, but I think I have enough base miles in that I should do OK. I have this race and a 40 mile Marathon race this season.

The race is a week from today (May 13th) and I am already a little nervous. I am on call this week so getting out and riding will be a little difficult, but I will do what I can today through Thursday. I still need to put together a checklist of everything I need to bring this week. The biggest challenge for me will be nutrition. Last year when I road in a 40 mile marathon race, I found that I did not eat enough and ended up having a rough time for the last 10 miles. For this race, I intend to consume a variety of easily digested food. Hopefully the laps will be short enough that I don’t need to carry food with me. Then I will just take short pit stops to each and get moving again.