Yankee Springs Time Trial – 4/23/2006 Race Report

The Yankee Springs Time Trail did not go well for me. I managed to go over the handlebars and mangle my front wheel enough that I had to walk back out from the trails. I was coming down as sweeping right hand turn when I let the bike drift a little too far left and hit some logs that were down on the side of the trail. According to my GPS Unit, I was travelling at 18 mph when I crashed. I landed in some soft stuff beyond the logs, but the front wheel was bent enough to rub against the forks. Race over just under five miles into an 11 mile race. I was very happy with my performance to that point. I felt like I had good endurance and was ready to race. It was a perfect bookend to a week where I did a face plant on Monday that required 48 stitches. I have insurance if I break something on me. I do not have the same for my bike. Anything I break comes out of my pocket. So I am pretty bummed about losing the front wheel. I do not hold out much hope of it being repairable, but I will try.

You can see the race from the perspective of my GPS here. If you watch for the sudden drop in speed from 18 mph to 0, you will see the point at which I crashed.