Why my Tifosi Sunglasses are no longer for Active Sports.

This is just a little story about something that happened to me. Let
me be clear that I do not blame Tifosi for what happened to me, but I
do consider the 2004 Morph Glasses I was wearing to be a contributing
factor. I was on a mountain bike ride when I found myself thrown over
the bars. I bascially landed on the right side of my head taking most
of the blow with my helmet and the rest with the area around my right
eye. When I got to my feet, I could feel a rather large cut on my
eyebrow, but otherwise I felt fine, so I rode out of the trail and to
an emergency room.
Here is what I looked like when I arrived at the emergency room.
Emergency Room Arrival
The Doctor cleaned me up and put in 48 stitches to close up 2 pretty
deep cuts. One in my eybrow and one in my cheek. These cuts were
made by my Tifosi Sunglasses being trapped between the ground and my
face. Here is what it looks like 2 days later:
Post Crash
Here are my glasses after the crash
Glasses after the Crash
The lens and temple pad were lost in the crash. I was a little too
out of it to actually look for them.

Like I said, I am not blaming Tifosi, but you should be aware of the
worst case scenario for your glasses. Had I been wearing the Oakley
Pro-M Frames I replaced with the Tifosi’s or the Safety Glasses I
bought at Home Depot, I think the damage would have been significantly
less. I will say that the Tifosi’s were far better than wearing
nothing because I am sure a great deal of damage would have been done
to my eye if the lens hadn’t kept the ground away from it.

I really like the product, but I will now only use it them for
driving and spectator sports.