The Cowardice Of The American Mainstream Media

The Right Wing News is on the right and wrong side of this argument. The Cowardice Of The American Mainstream Media. The are partially on the right side of this argument. The MSM is afraid on the radical Islamists. The reason not to display or publish the the inflammatory cartoons is one of basic human decency. For every one of the radical protesters, I would be willing to bet there are 10 decent reasonable people who are equally offended.

Worst of all, The Christian Science Monitor claimed showing cartoons featuring Muhammad was almost like “yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater,” which quite frankly, makes exactly the point Jyllands-Posten was trying to prove in the first place. If simply publishing a cartoon that offends Muslims is in and of itself likely to be a dangerous act, then there is a big problem here that needs to be confronted head on.

While I agree that the Radical response is not a legitimate reason to stop publishing or displaying the cartoons, I still don’t think that we should encourage or publish these cartoons. Even Michelle Malkin, who I have a great deal of respect for has gone over the top with this. Just because the MSM does not respect the Christianity and fears Islam, does not me we should have the same level of respect for Islam as the MSM has for Christianity.

As a Christian, if the worst persecution I face is someone displaying offensive images, I will count myself lucky. I think I read somewhere that the persecution of Christians will get worse. (Just kidding, I know where I read it.) The cause of converting people to Christianity is far more important to me than any offense I may take in the way people treat my religion. How can I expect to talk to people after I have gone to such trouble as to knowingly offend them. When you are right, you do not need to fan the flames of your enemies hatred by offending them while you are defeating them.

I strongly urge my fellow conservative bloggers to not get “Stuck on Stupid” just because the MSM offends you. Accept the fact that the MSM will always offend you, continue to point out their absurdity and be respectful when you do it. We are on the right side and the idea is to win more people over to our side, not to alienate everyone.