Wired News: How to Code a Constitution

As a former programmer, this article caught my attention: Wired News: How to Code a Constitution

The article did pretty well until this statement:

If, as the Bush administration has recently asserted, our homeland security hinged on nobody knowing that the government was conducting warrantless wiretaps, then the program’s benefit was illusory to begin with. As the old hacker adage puts it, security through obscurity is no security at all.

While this may apply to criminal investigation of american citizens, it most certainly does not apply to enemy combatants in a time of war. If the enemies within our borders know that we cannot or are unwilling to spy on their international communication, it will only embolden those communications. If the enemy knows that their conversations are being spied upon, they will know to alter their communication tactics. The goal of spying on international commuications between terrorist is not to gather evidence to put them in prision, the goal is to have enough information to know when and where they are going to attack so that the attack can be prevented. This is one of the biggest errors President Clinton made while he was in office, treating terrorism as criminal activity, not acts of war. The criminal justice system is not capable of preventing crime, only punishing criminals.

This is another area where liberals are “stuck on stupid”, because they put their opposition of President Bush ahead of anything else. In their terms, It is not possible for President Bush to be right about anything, therefore anything he does has to be wrong. In this instance, if the President did anything less than what he has done, he should be impeached for failure to carry out his duties as President. History will rank President Bush very highly among all of the Presidents because of his strong leadership in defending this country from attack by a very different enemy from ones we have traditionally faced.