I Am Crushed

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I am so crushed. I just received my first negative comment yesterday. They called me “stupid”. I might as well just quit now. My feelings are so hurt, I don’t know if I can continue.
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I find it funny that someone can stumble across my blog and the only thing they can find to comment on is my tagline. But that is the thing about liberals, oops wait, I have to clarify that when I say liberals I am using a generalization that does not mean it applies to each and every liberal. It is like saying men are stronger than women. It is a generalization that is not true in each and every case, but it is true on average. Ok, now that I have clarified, back to the point. Liberals have no sense of humor. Really, if you challenged a liberals ideas, you had better be ready to take some serious personal insults, because that is the only thing they have to battle conservative ideas.

I suppose the lack of humor is brought about by the broad based rejection of their ideas as witnessed by every election since 1994. Yes, I know Bill Clinton was reelected in 1996, but look at the difference in the percentage of popular vote between Clinton and George W. Bush. I am not saying Clinton would not have won if Perot stayed out of the race, but remember that more people voted for someone other than Clinton than voted for Clinton.

How sad is it that the best comment a liberal can post on a blog that no one reads is a personal insult to the author? I disagree with liberals on every issue (that is not a generalization, that is literally true.) but I don’t run around to their blogs to call them names. If I comment on their blogs, I make sure that I address the issue. If I post an entry on my blog, I make sure that I addressing an issue, not a person. Even the idea of “stuck on stupid” is no about people in the sense that the people are stupid, it is when they get stuck on a stupid idea that gets my attention. For example, trying to claim that President Bush broke the law by spying on telephone calls from suspected terrorist groups to people inside the US, is simply “stuck on stupid.”

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    If you’re like me, you’re tired of the whole presidential election process in this country. After all, when less than half of the people eligible to vote in this country actually vote, something is wrong.

    It’s time to do away with this system that has candidates traveling all over the place, making the same speech over and over, appearing on talk shows, raising hundreds of millions of dollars and selling their souls to the special interest groups with the most money. It’s time we replaced the current system that leads up to election day with a new system modeled after popular television shows.

    We’ll replace the whole presidential primary elections with a show we’ll call, Who Wants to be President?

    Much like the ABC show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, Who Wants to be President? will make it possible for any legally-qualified person in this country to be on the show and compete for a chance to run for president. From a group of ten prospective candidates at a time, the candidate who answers a fastest-finger question before anyone else will make it into “the hot seat” previously known as the presidential primary.

    Candidates who make it to the hot seat will be required to answer 15 multiple-choice questions, each a little harder than the one before, with topics ranging from foreign relations and military spending to healthcare and supermarket product pricing (correct answers here show if he’s “in touch” with the common man).

    Each time a candidate answers a question correctly, he moves on to a harder question worth more votes. Candidates who need help along the way will be offered three types of assistance, known as “lifelines.” Since politicians love polls, they can poll the audience. Since many politicians are indecisive, they can ask to have the four possible answers narrowed down to two. And, finally, they can phone a friend – if they have any, that is.

    Any contestant who answers the first 14 questions correctly will get the chance to answer one final question. If he gets that right, he wins a spot on another program, American Idol: The Presidential Election Special, during which every American voter will be asked to judge each candidate’s performance and then text-message his or her vote for the next president of the United States. Problem solved!

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