Body for Life – Day 12, 13 and 14

These last three days have been the weakest Body for Life days since I restarted. On Friday (Day 12) I had a good lower body workout and weighed in at 241. However, Friday was also my last day working at a job I have been at for a little over 10 years. My only coworker took me out for lunch and I did not eat the best lunch that I could have. Although I have only known this coworker for 9 months, we have become good friends. I am going to miss working with her.

Day 13 was a workout at home. I rode my bicycle on the trainer in the basement for 90 minutes. Saturdays are the Free day for food so I won’t share anything I ate other than to say it was a lot.

Day 14 is a rest day and Sunday 1/15. I am up early preparing for church. Tomorrow the craziness begins again. I start my new job which is with the same company, but a different customer. Tuesday evening, I leave on a business trip and will not return home until Friday night. The nice thing is that with technology, it is relatively easy to stay in touch. The difficult thing will be to work out and eat right while I am travelling. I will probably need to stock up on Meal replacement bars for the trip.