Power Line: The source of our disunity

This entry at Power Line: The source of our disunity really hits the nail on the head.

Our disunity stems not from the president’s rhetorical shortcomings, but primarily from the fact that many Democrats (including some Democratic leaders) and many influential members of the MSM hate George W. Bush, conservatives, and much about this country more than they hate the people who are trying to kill us.

Think about all the people who scream about how the President has divided the country. A president who was elected by a majority of Americans divides the country? Does that really make sense?

I look at unity this way. In my job, if I disagree with a decision of my boss, it is my responsibility to go to his office, shut the door and discuss it with him. If we cannot agree, it is my responsiblity to keep my mouth shut once I leave his office and have respect for the fact that it is his decision to make. It is completly unacceptable (and grounds for termination) to complain to coworkers, the media or our competitors.

Really, being the complainer is a very selfish act and a very gutless and cowardly thing to do. It is very easy to complain about a decision that I didn’t have to make, it is much more difficult to have to make a decision and live with the consequences.