Happy New Year

As I write this in the early afternoon of New Year’s Eve, I wanted to take the time to reflect back on 2005 and look forward to 2006.

2005 was a very interesting year.  It is the first year that I have started blogging on a regular basis.  I published what would now be called a blog in the months leading up to and the months after the birth of my daughter.  That was great fun but life got in the way and I stopped publishing.  Now I am back with two blogs, this one and one I like to call “Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid“.  The amazing thing to me is that people actually read what I write.

This is the year that my daughter started first grade and has really taken off in her skills especially reading.  In fact, I think she would have no problem reading this entry.

This year was also the first full season of mountain bike racing I competed in.  I hope that 2005 will be the year I raced with extra weight in order to train better.  My goal is to drop 20 or 30 pounds by the the first race I will compete in in 2006.  I did manage to win one race this year although it was the first race I competed in for 2005.  I also competed in 5 Cyclocross races this year.  I am much farther from being competitive in cyclocross because there are no classifications  like there is in mountain bike racing.  I race in the Beginner Clydesdale class for mountain bike racing which is for inexperienced racers over 200 pounds.

I have a few hope/goals/prayers for 2006

  • My daughter continues loving school and performing well
  • My wife and I continue to grow our relationship with the Lord and eachother
  • To lose 30 pounds.
  • To make the middle of the Sport Clydesdale Class.
  • To make top 10 in a Cyclocross race.

I hope that all of you have a safe and healthy New Year and a blessed 2006.