Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

Yet another reason to not believe everything you read on the Internet: – Wikipedia author: false entry was joke – Dec 11, 2005

As a geek, I have been on-line in some form or another since 1993. I have seen a lot of information true and not online. I have developed over the years a sceptical filter for all information I come across. I have also learned to separate facts from opinion. I have learned which sites I treat as reputable and which are suspect. Even reliable sites have to be verified with few exceptions.

I am always amazed by people who can be convinced something is true just by sending it to them in email. If it is on a website, then the credibility rises with them. I don’t think that this is an issue of intelligence but one of world views. People of a trusting nature are the most susceptible to bad internet information. I forget that I have a sceptical filter already.

This is where the Conservatives and the Main Stream Media (MSM) hit an impasse over MSM Liberal Bias. The reason the MSM can honestly claim they do not have a bias is because the bias is so innately human that we are not aware of it. The basic of the bias is this. First, everyone has a world view. Whether it is conservative or liberal is irrelevant. Second, when something is presented as fact that does not fit that world view, the fact is at best viewed sceptically or as not true at all. The converse is also true, a fact that fits the world view is immediately accepted as true. This is why so many people believe things from and absolutely disbelieve anything on For example, there is this ad from that says President Bush lied to get us into Iraq. The ad is really funny because it still uses the pictures that have already been demonstrated to be British Soldiers, not Americans. However, this fits a Liberals world view so very little examination is done. Here and Here. Yet the RNC produces the “Retreat and Defeat” video available here and there is all kind of stink raised. Here and Here.

The sad thing is no one is going to come out and admit that is joke.

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  1. I tend to take everything with a grain of salt. It may be cynical of me to do so, but I’ve found most things are presented from a flawed perspective.