Ring Those Bells

Last night I had the awesome opportunity to ring the bells for the Salvation Army. I really think that it is unfair, because I got way more out of it than the Salvation Army got in money. My 6 year old daughter and I were outside a local grocery store from 5 pm to 6 pm. It was 23 degrees outside so we had to dress warm but we were really kept warm by the awesome generosity of all different kinds of people. There was the mom with two small children who made sure that both her kids could put something in the bucket. There were the senior citizens who went out of there way to make sure they put something in the bucket. Even the young (early 20’s) men were willing contributors. I have no idea how much money was put in the bucket but the really amazing thing was that very few people were putting in change, most people were putting in bills. I was not looking at how much, the only reason I noticed the bills was because we had to use a paint stirrer to stuff the bills into bucket so people could put more in.

I highly recommend ringing the bells if you want to restore your faith in people. You could see that some people felt guilty walking by and not contributing. I hope that I didn’t make them feel that way. I was only there to ring the bell so that people would know the bucket was available. People saying Hi as they walked by was more than enough.

The point of having my 6 year old daughter there was the opportunity to show her what God can do through people. That God puts on people’s hearts that they should help people in need, even people who don’t believe in God. That is the really cool thing about the Salvation Army. They are recognized for the really good things they do without people getting tangled up in the religious side of it. No one saw the Salvation Army complaining about where the could put their buckets. The Salvation Army is tremendously faithful and knows that God will provide.

So next time you pass a bell ringer, even if you are not contributing, just say a friendly hello. It is a big reward for the bell ringer.