What I Am Striving For

The principles below are what I intend to make this blog into. “Stuck on Stupid” is not about people, it is about ideas. I want to make sure that my posts adhere to sound principles while still pointing out the “Stuck On Stupid” ideas. Please as you read my posts in the future, point out areas where I fall short. I know that by the grace of God I will be forgiven, but not excused. I still have to fix my wrongs, so thanks in advance for any help.

Here are the guiding principles. I found these on a link from Think Christian, which in turn I found from a link at Forks in the Road.

All of this started by reading an entry on 10ft2ft.com called “How do we talk to other peoples’ kids about Santa?” The answer to the question is a good test of these principles. And one I don’t think I am ready to attempt yet. The question is an interesting one to ponder and may keep you thinking all day. Especially if you shine the light of sound Christian principles on it.