A Thanksgiving Prayer

Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for so many things that I am sure that I will miss some. I want to thank you for the magnificence of your creation. I want to thank you for creating a world that is perfect for us to live in. I thank you for your guidance in the creation of the United States of America. I thank you for all of the guardians of the freedom that have given their lives to keep our country free. I especially thank you for the brave guardians who continue to fight for right. I ask you to show them your light and the support of the people who love them and know that they are fighting for right. I thank you for a President who does the right thing regardless of what it does to his poll numbers. I thank you for the people of the Police and Fire departments who are working while everyone else takes the day off to protect us from the dangers of this world. I thank you for my wife who gives me the strength to get through each day. I thank you for the wonderful daughter you have given to me and I pray that she can grow up in a world where people love and respect each other. I know that a lot of people are thankful today. I pray that they learn who to be thankful to.

In the precious name of Jesus, I pray.

0 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Prayer

  1. This comment was left before I ported my blog over to WordPress:

    I feel sorry for you.
    I am surprised someone with your attitude lives as far north as Michigan, I would expect something more like Arkansas in the 1830’s. Bush is a moronic President, and the fact that you back him up, makes you seem like a moron too. You keep saying you want a wonderful world for your daughter to grow up in, but with the way the United States conducts itself, that will never happen. George W Bush is going to ruin your country, and you can explain to your daughter, it was people like you that put him in power.
    SS | 11.24.05 – 11:30 am | #

  2. SS:

    You are exactly the reason I started this blog. If you want to talk about issues, bring it on. If all you’ve got is personal attacks, I will be glad to give you a platform to demonstrate how “stuck on stupid” you are.