How Cool Is That

Today I competed in the Tailwind Cyclocross Series event at Munson Park in Monroe, MI. I discovered the coolest thing. Today was the first time my daughter saw me race. Stephanie is 6 years old and her mom brought her to the race today. It was very exciting to have her there cheering me on. She has just started playing sports like soccer and basketball. I wanted her to see me race because I wanted her to see what working hard really means. But I think that her being there had more impact on me than her. First of all, she was cheering for me every time the course was close to where she was watching from. It didn’t matter to her that I was a “back marker”, she cheered anyway. Second, It was very encouraging to ride up a hill with her cheering, there was absolutely no way I was going to let her see me quit. Third, nothing tops the great big hug I got at the finish. You can watch the professional athletes and their kids and know that how big the event they won is totally irrelevant. They admire and love their parents no matter what. I got to see the opposite end. I finish 27 out of 31 racers in the lowest level of local cyclocross racing, but my daughter treats me like I just won the Tour de France. How cool is that?