Next Cyclocross Race for Me: Munson Park, Monroe, MI

The next cyclocross race I will be “competing” in is the JACK’S BICYCLE & FITNESS-Munson Park CX, Monroe, MI on Sunday, November 13th. Time to start preparing my excuses, although I don’t know how much of an excuse I need when my expectations are low to begin with. My only hope for a high placing is a low turnout. The weather forecast for Monroe Sunday morning is “Windy; a couple of showers in the morning, then times of clouds and sun in the afternoon.” according to It appears the temperatures should be quite reasonable for Michigan in November (low of 50 high in the sixties). The rain could help me with the turnout issue. The wind could help me a little because the momentum of 240 lbs. should fight the wind better than the skinny guys.

The Monroe event I have to admit is a special one for me because Monroe is my hometown and the town I spent the first 23 years of my life in. Most of my family lives there and a few of them may actually come out and see me race. I don’t blame them if they won’t because unless you are into cycling, the racing can be pretty boring.

Let me get my “excuses” out here now:

  • I am just getting over a cold.
  • I have not had enough time to train.
  • My bike needs some maintenance work I haven’t had time to do.

That should be enough. I am hoping to finish one or two places above the turnout number for my class and with any luck at all be somewhat competitive with the C-Women’s class. For me cyclocross racing is simply the most intense 30 minute workout I can get. I can start thinking about being competitive when I can get my weight down.