Shameless Plugs

This is my self-serving shameless plug a product that I use and appreciate very much.

TiVo has changed the way my family watches TV. TiVo enables so many things that you cannot do with a VCR. First of all, TiVo is extremely easy to “program”. You can select shows by titles, you can select shows through the viewing guide, or if you are really stubborn, you can program it by date, time and channel like you used to use a VCR. The real power of TiVo comes when you start using the Season Pass feature. You can program a VCR to tape once a week at a certain time, but what happens when that show is moved to a different time slot. TiVo takes care of that for you. When you set up a Season Pass, Your favorite shows are recorded regardless when the network runs the show. The other advantages over a VCR is capacity. TiVo’s start with a capacity of about 23 hours depending on the quality level you select for recording. You have access to any show that you recorded at any time, instead of hunting for the right tape. You also do not have to worry about having a blank tape around to record with. Then there are the features TiVo is really famous for. 1. Pausing Live TV. This is a great feature when you are watching something and get an important phone call or have to answer a call of another kind. You can leave and come back to the show right where it left off. 2. Instant Replay. TiVo saves up to the last half hour since you changed channels automatically. So if you are watching a political show and someone says something that makes you think “Did he really say that?” You don’t have to wait for the transcript or newspaper, you can simply rewind.

Ok, now why am I telling you all this? What is in it for me? I would like you to use me as a referral when you buy your own TiVo. It doesn’t help you any, but it does give me points for the TiVo Rewards program that once you are a member, you can use for yourself. Please click here and complete the form, and I will send you the information you need to use me as a referral for TiVo.