Supreme Court Nominations (Revisited)

Speaking of Networks stuck on stupid, I found this on The first thing to note is the great glee that CNN takes in reporting a “rift” in the Republican party. Here is my list of the “stuck on stupid” in this process:

  1. Networks that gleefully report a “rift” in the Republican Party. There is no more a “rift” in the Republican party than there is between elected Democrats and the party activists like
  2. People (Conservatives) who are critical of Harriet Miers as a person without knowing her. I have heard a number of conservative critical of Ms. Miers’ intellect, stature, blah, blah, blah. All of this from people who have never met her or even know her.
  3. People (Liberals) who want to accuse President Bush of appointing his buddies without knowing anything about her. This is right up there with being critical of her personally without knowing her.

Close to being “stuck on stupid” are the conservatives who are critical of the President for not nominating an “In Your Face” known conservative judge. This is the argument I am most sympathetic with. I agree that the Democrats and liberalism in general are teetering on the edge of obscurity, but I do not think a Supreme Court nomination will push them over the edge. I think that is going to take a conservative victory in the 2008 presidential election. I think that when this President asks us to “trust him” in this nomination, he deserves the benefit of a doubt. If for no other reason, than he has not betrayed conservatives yet. Let’s wait for hearings and listen to what Ms. Miers has to say before we are critical of her. I expect Liberals to be “stuck on stupid” but come on Conservatives, let’s not fall into that trap.