Supreme Court Nominations

Ann Coulter is out there slamming the President’s Choice. Bill Kristol is “disappointed, depressed and demoralized.” Even my conservative hero Rush Limbaugh call this choice a choice made from “weakness.” I don’t get it. I know that all my conservative friends want to act like the left and whack around the liberals in a big brawl.

I would love that too, but not with something as important as a Supreme Court nomination. The Supreme Court is far too important to play games with. There is one thing that this President has been very consistent about and that is keeping his word. He has told us what kind of judges he intends to nominate and has not given us a reason to to believe he would do otherwise.

We are following the mold of if we continually undercut the good quality leadership that we elected because he doesn’t fight the way we want him too. The goal is to get good quality judges on the Supreme Court who do not legislate from the bench. This goal trumps the Conservative/Liberal battle. If we don’t have a solid Supreme Court, the Conserative/Liberal battle will be irrelevant because the Liberals will institute their ideas in the courts instead of having to argue them in front of the people. This article in the American Thinker is right on target.

Let’s not get “stuck on stupid” acting like the Left Wing Wackos because we are not getting our way.