Bloomer Park Cyclocross

I raced in the 2005 Bloomer Park cyclocross race yesterday (10/2/2005). It was a fun course that was interesting but not difficult. This was nice because the result for me was a test of how hard I could push myself. According to my hear rate monitor, I averaged 177 bpm for a just under 38 minute race. I spend 16 seconds under 165 bpm and 8 minutes over 180 bpm with the rest of the time in between. I finished 20th out of 28 but I had to sprint the last 150 to 200 yards to hold my position. I managed to keep 20th by 1.9 seconds. The first place time was 31:22.64 while my time was 37:56.12 or 6:33.5 behind, 5th place was “only” 4:26 ahead of me. Yes, I have a long way to go to bridge that time, but it is encouraging. The next race is October 16th and my understanding is that it will be a challenging course.

The funny thing is, I got a call from my mountain biking friend who wondered if I wanted to go riding after the race, so like any good bicycle nut, I said yes. We rode about 12 miles in a little over an hour at Maybury State Park. Between these two rides, I burned well over 3000 calories in about 2 hours. Not a bad day. I am taking today as a rest day and will resume training tomorrow.