Today was the first opportunity I had to train since Wednesday the 14th. I have been on call for work and very busy with that. I even got called just before I stared my ride. I went trail riding at Maybury State Park for 2 laps. I rode with my friend Gary who is faster than me in the tight stuff but I can catch him on the hills. It was a great day to ride. We had just gotten some much needed rain in the past few days, which cleaned up the dust and made the trail tacky again. We rode 2 – 32 minute laps, which are pretty quick, but I was coming off huge lunch at Macaroni Grill and really feeling it. According to my heart rate monitor I burned 1900 calories which may have been a good part of but not all of my lunch.

After I got home, I put my new Hutchinson Cross Comp Tires on the front and a slick on the rear tire to be able to ride my Trainer this week if I end up on call again. Saturday is the first Cyclocross race and my wife is planning on attending as a spectator. I hope to not completely embarrass myself. Last year my goals were to not get lapped and to not get beaten by every woman in the field. This year I hope to have one top ten finish and I would like to be competitive with the women. We will see.