Cyclocross Training

My favorite racing season is here. Cyclocross for those of you who do not know is a form of bicycle racing that take place on a variety of terrain. The courses are usually about one and a half to two and a half miles long. The courses are designed to be 95% rideable. There are typically two 18 inch barriers that require dismounting and carrying the bike over, somewhere on the course. At the level I race at, the races are 30 minutes long. There is a specialized bicycle for Cyclocross that is kind of like a road bike with bigger tires, but I compete on my mountain bike. I will make a few small modifications to my mountain bike. I will remove the water bottle cages and seat pack. I am also replacing the fatter off road tires with Hutchison Cross Comp tires that are 1.3 inches wide, instead of the 1.95 or 2.2 inch tires I use for Mountain Bike Racing. I am excited because my new Cross Comp tires are due to arrive today.

Last evening I rode a little training ride of 30 miles in just under 2 hours. The ride was mostly road with a little dirt road mixed in. I like this kind of ride because I can do it from my house. I don’t have to load up the bike and drive somewhere. I did push the darkness a little. If I ride any time it is darker than it was by the time I got home, I will need to use lights.