When Politics Are More Important Than The Cause.

Always beware of groups that put politics above their cause. I will give you two examples to chew on. The first example is the NRA. Then NRA uses their political clout to push their issue Gun Owner Rights. Although Gun Rights tend to fall on the Republican side of the aisle, the NRA will support a Pro-Gun Democrat. John Dingell of Michigan comes to mind right away.

The second example is the NAACP. They oppose the supreme court nomination of Clarence Thomas and support former Klansman Senator Robert Byrd.

Can somebody add that up for me?

It is easy to see in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. A lot of people on both sides are out there simply trying to score political points. Simple example, Hillary Clinton is calling for FEMA to be a cabinet level agency. This is of course after she voted to put FEMA under Homeland Security in the first place. I will say that a lot of the politicizing of the issue on the Republican side is to act in defense of the President. Not saying it is right, but some would call it standing up to a bully. It should be noted, that the President and his staff are not politicizing the event at all.

I do not want to write a political blog, but the events of the last week have gotten me a little fired up. I want to get back to the important things, like my mountain bike racing, my daughter and the fun things in life.