You Go, Lance

So Lance Armstrong is thinking of coming out of retirement. I think it is an awesome idea. He should also deliver a urine sample to to the French Press daily. Of course the French Press would probably add whatever banned substance they wanted to find to the samples, but it would be one of the best in your face moves of all time. Put together a team that would win the Tour by such a huge margin that no one (other than the French) could possibly question the outcome. You would think that 7 wins would do that, but there are people who think differently.

It is much like the way that liberals treat President Bush. They still haven’t gotten over the fact that he won the first time, let alone twice in a row. They hate him so much that they do not care who they hurt in there attempt to “get” him. They dishonor soldiers who protect us. They insult the service of the first responder who do everything within their own power at the risk of their own lives to save as many people as they can.

I think that is why The President and Lance Armstrong can enjoy a moutain bike ride together in spite of their differences. It is because their differences do not consume them and erase the rest of their humanity. They also face a similar opposition by people who are blinded by their inability to accept defeat.