My Blogs Before There Were Blogs #5

Hello Stephanie

Today is the first day that I knew that you were going to be my daughter. Up until today you were known as the baby. Through the miracle of medical technology your mother and I found out that we get to use the name Stephanie. There are so many things I am excited about because you are a girl. Carrying you around in cute little dresses that will embarass you when you get older. Walking with you and your mom holding my hands. Taking you to your first hockey game. (don’t worry, we will go as soon as your mom will let me take you.) Ok, maybe those aren’t all things that will happen because you are a girl, but they certainly will be more special.

Wow do we have a long journey ahead of us. I know that I will go from dada to daddy to dad to daaaad (the big jerk in your own mind) and hopefully back to dad someday when you realize that maybe I wasn’t that big of a jerk.

You may want to keep the big jerk part to yourself, even though we will both know you are thinking it.

I had better wrap this up. It’s getting late and I should be getting my rest for the first few months when you join us.