My Blogs Before There Were Blogs #4

The Coolest Thing I Ever Saw

Well, this is earlier than I planned. A few things have happened since my last installment that made this possible. No need for worry, everything is still going well. Today, for the very first time I got to “see” my, oops, I mean our baby. Through the magic of modern technology I was able to see a picture of the baby. First let me make this clear. There is only one baby in there so all of you wishing multiple births on us can forget it. Second, I’m not sure if it was lack of cooperation or if it really is too soon to tell, but we were unable to determine gender. I still have to call the baby “he” in the generic sense. Calling him “my boy” is still inappropriate. Although that won’t be an issue for much longer. The reason I got to see the ultrasound was because we had an amniocentisis performed. That will be able to tell us practically for certain which gender “he” will be.
Yes, here it is, the ultrasound pictures only a parent can see anything in:

You can see the text on the image near where the head and the face are. For all of you who are ultrasonically challenged, I have enhanced the ultrasound to give what I hope is a clearer view of the head:

That is a cross section of the baby’s head towards the face of the baby.
What I can only share with you through words is what I actually got to see. I was positioned so that I could watch the entire ultrasound. I got to see almost everything you can imagine. I saw the heart beating, I saw the spine and I could tell that the baby was in the fetal position. My favorite view was when I could see his hands fluttering near his mouth. Maybe I do have an overactive imagination, but that is what I think I saw and no one is going to convince me otherwise. They were able to tell that the baby is at 17 and a half to 18 weeks in developement, which is right where we expected.
We still have a scheduled ultrasound on the 28th of September. I am going to do my best to make sure that I can share the video. Watching that ultrasound had to be the coolest thing I ever saw.

Steve Miller