My Blogs Before There Were Blogs #15

The First Roll Over

Wow, It’s three months already. My how Stephanie has grown. She is now sleeping through the night and anytime I give her a ride in the Jeep. She is a very passionate young lady. When she is hungry, everybody knows it.

I am thrilled to bring you the news that Stephanie rolled over for the first time. It was Saturday May 1st, 1999. Stephanie and I were at home while Mommy was at a photo shoot. We were playing (or I was neglecting my chores) when I decided to put Steph on the floor on her stomach. I thought it would give her a chance to work on her upper body strength. The next thing I know, she rolls over on to her back. I thought no that’s not possible, so I tried it again. Sure enough she did it right away again. Then I decided to let her try one more time. And again she rolled over with no problem. At this point I realize that she has rolled over for the first time, I own a video camera, and I don’t have any of this on videotape. So I get the camera, set it up to tape Stephanie and put her on her stomach. I bet you can guess what happens next. You are right, nothing. I have some very cute tape of Stephanie, but no rolling over.

Next thing I know, it is time for mommy to come home from her photo shoot. And I get to share the news with her. I was disappointed that Tammy wasn’t able to see Stephanie’s first roll over, but I am sure it is one of the few firsts I will get to witness first hand.

Tammy had to shoot a wedding that afternoon, so I decided to give Stephanie one more chance. I set up the camera and sure enough, she did it again. I was (am) so proud of my little girl, I could burst. I got to share that video with Tammy as soon as she got home. Now through the miracle of technology, I can share it with you. Click here to see the video in Real Video. You can also download the video. (Warning, the video is 8.5 MB to download.)

Steve Miller