My Blogs Before There Were Blogs #14

Seven Weeks And Not Crazy

It has been seven weeks since Stephanie joined us and while the adjustment has been a big one, Tammy and I haven’t lost our minds yet. A few nights sleep, yes, but we still have our sanity. In fact, I actually have enough time to write this. I am being supervised by Stephanie right now. Hopefully I can sneak this out.

Stephanie is growing like crazy, she has already grown out of one set of clothes and is filling out the next. She is started smiling, but it seems like she has leared timing as well. Usually just after she has been the most difficult, right when we feel like giving up, there go the corners of her mouth, and none of the lost sleep seems to matter.

We are learning a few things that Stephanie likes. One is her vibrating bouncy seat. You have seen photos of her bouncy seat, or as it is being used now, the supervisor seat. She also likes her swing, the ceiling fan, riding in the car when it is moving, and the changing table.

If you don’t have it already, I would recommend getting the Real Player G2. I hope to in the next few weeks put streaming video on the web site and you will need the Real Player to see it.

Steve Miller
Very Proud Dad.