My Blogs Before There Were Blogs #13

The First Two Weeks

Stephanie has been home two weeks now. It is impossible to describe how wonderful it is to have her at home with us. I stayed home the first week so I could help Tammy while she healed a little more.

Stephanie is having a little difficulty making up her mind about how (if) she wants to sleep at night. We have had a few great nights where she slept four and five hours straight. We have also had a couple of nights where she thought getting up every 45 minutes would be fun.

Tammy and I are still developing our division of labor. Tammy has been very kind and letting me sleep during the week since I have gone back to work. I try to do what few things I can when I get home from work to give Tammy some rest. The only thing that has suffered so far is my time to work on the Web Site. I suspect that I might have to get better at one handed typing or teach Stephanie pretty quickly.

Steve Miller