My Blogs Before There Were Blogs #11

The Anticipation Grows

Well, here we are, with less than three weeks to go until Stephanie is due to arrive. I can report that she has gotten very active. Tammy say that she can feel her kick quite often.

I’m starting to feel pretty useless now. Tammy is finally getting just plain uncomfortable and there is not much I can do to help her. Fortunatly there isn’t much more of a wait.

We are now on weekly Doctor’s office visits. At the last visit, the Doctor said that anything could happen now, but it looks like Stephanie is going wait a little longer.

I think (hope) all of the preparations are made for Stephanie’s arrival. We have her room ready for her. We have clothes and diapers. I have read a number of different books on being a father. I know everything now. (ha!)

Be sure to watch the web site. The first picture of her will be posted as soon as they make me leave the hospital.

Steve Miller