The First Broken Bone

This is my daughter Stephanie just outside the hospital after getting a cast on her broken arm. She actually broke both bones in her left arm an inch or two above her wrist. The story on how she did it is somewhat sketchy but we believe that it involves 2 not so small children hanging from a closet clothes rod not designed to hold 100 pounds of small children. The good news is that the type of break that she had did not require anything more than putting a cast on it. The most painful part of that process was the 15 minutes it took Stephanie to decide on Hot Pink for a cast color. The cast is water proof so Stephanie can even go swimming with the cast on.

I am very proud of the way my little girl has handled herself through this. Once she got through the initial pain of the break, she was a real trooper. The process of going through urgent care and x-rays and a splint and finally a cast all went very smoothly in large part because of how well she handled everything. The only thing she was really upset about was the 2 weeks she won’t be able to play soccer. Fortunately she will probably only miss one game and maybe not even that.