What Going Fast On A Moutain Bike Requires

After the race, you can see that I did a little damage. Somehow, I managed to bury my front wheel in one of the turns and ended up going over the bars. Lucky for me it was a relatively slow speed crash and after cleaning, the wound is a really minor scrape.

I was very satisfied with my result. I was about 8 minutes faster than last year at 1:23:00 for 14.8 miles. I finshed 2nd in my class (Beginner Clydesdale). Before you get the mistaken impression that I am fast, I should let you know that other beginner classes were under 1:10:00 for winning times, including what would be my age group class (35-39). I was even slower than the winning tandem on a course that I would think would be very difficult for a tandem. I am not racing to win. I simply enjoy the test of myself.