Blind Rage Gets In The Way Of Clear Thinking

I find it simply amazing that people are so bitter and hate President Bush so much that they blindly oppose anything he stands for. As a human being, it is impossible for President Bush to be 100% right and on the same standard it is impossible for him to be 100% wrong. It saddens me to see people who should stand up for our country choose not to, simply because they hate President Bush and think it is more important for President Bush be defeated at every turn than for our young men and women engaged in battle for our freedom to be victorious.

Unlike many, I do question the patriotism of people who are opposed to the war on terror. As long as the men and women of are armed forces are in harms way, it is absolutly unamerican to oppose the mission. As much as it may give comfort to people to say “I support the troops, not the war.” it is nothing but an empty saying. You simply cannot support the troups and not the war because the troops are the war. We have an all volunteer military who has made a choice to defend our liberties.

Please don’t get me wrong. I do believe that people have a right to protest. I just belive that they are 100% wrong which is my right as well.