2009 Summary

2009 was the first year I very carefully tracked virtually every workout. I was just reviewing my numbers for 2009 which are probably final because I doubt I will do anything New Year’s Eve. First the cycling. Overall I rode 1241 miles in about 69 hours. This was a mix of Stationary Bike at the Gym, Road Bike on the trainer and both Road and Mountain Bikes outdoors. I basically started running in October of 2008 with a goal of finishing Detroit Free Press Marathon in 2009 (more on that later). With my 6 mile run today, my running total for 2009 was 601 miles in about 107 hours. Not bad for a first full year running. Finally Swimming, which is my most difficult discipline. I swam 68.6 miles in 52 hours. My grand total volume for the year was 1911.71 in 228 hours.

I didn’t just train, I also competed in 5 races in 2009.

4/5/09 – Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon, Canton, MI Swim 17 Lengths (10 min) Bike 13.4 mi (30 min) Run 2.5 mi (20 min) T8 Overall 3rd Masters

6/7/09 – Racing For Recovery Sprint Triathlon 1:47:48 68th Overall 6th Clydesdale

9/5/09 – Run Like The Wind 10K 56:57 58th Overall 5th 40-44

10/18/09 – Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon 5:45:33 3612th Overall 428th 40-44

11/26/09 – Canton Turkey Trot 5k 28:06.4 156 Overall Exact Time Tie with my 10 Year Old Daughter, I didn’t do a race report on this one.

Overall, I am pleased with what I accomplished in 2009. More on the 2010 plans later.