Blog Reboot

Well, I guess it is time to reboot this blog again. Since no one other than me actually reads it, it is probably a much safer place to share my opinion than social media. I plan to use this as my outlet when I need to brain dump and get things that are bothering me off my mind. The topics I intend to cover in the next few posts are:

  • The Mueller Investigation
  • The Green New Deal

I have an opinion on almost everything and generally hold it back around other people. This blog is completely intended to be my outlet.

Siri Voice Recognition Post

I am doing this post using Siri for my voice recognition. This post was written entirely using Siri from my iPhone 6+. I have a lot of good ideas for this blog, but I’m not sure how I’m going to get them onto the blog. Voice recognition is a good alternative to using the keyboard. I should be able to talk about my views on economics, politics, sports and any other topic that comes up.

The nice thing about voice recognition is I can put a lot of words on the post. I can always go back later and edit. Using this method will allow me to get my thoughts down first and then edit later. I think the real trick will be to just go with whatever comes out of the voice recognition. And being sure to edit later.

I have edited this post as I went along. It is probably not the best workflow, but I am able to get what I wanted out of it.

Voice Recognition Post

I am going to try to write this using only my voice recognition. We will see how good Google Voice does at recognizing my voice and adding the text to this post. I have never tried this before but I expect it to work very well. Just by doing the post as it goes by I am missing pretty good recognition.

I’m doing this post on my Nexus 7 tablet just to see how it works. I will try to do a comfortable post with my iPhone 6 Plus. I am also doing this post without using the microphone just talking directly to the tablet.

Blog Reboot #23

I haven’t written anything in over a year. I guess if I am going to keep this blog, I should start over again. I think it’s time for a new topic. First, I am going to do all my writing on a mobile device, either my iPhone 6 Plus or a Nexus 7 Tablet.

I’m also planning on covering a broader range of issues. I may get political, I may talk tech. I might even reach into economics.

My goal is to publish at least once a week. More if the mood strikes me.

Fake Race Reports

Well I completed both Sprint Triathlons. Nothing spectacular, but I at least dropped the run split under 30 minutes for the 5k. That was a major goal. End of race report.

My speed work in the Half Marathon training is going pretty well, but the long runs are hit or miss. I have a 10 miler that I held 10:15 for the last 6 miles, followed by a 9 miler where I couldn’t keep a 10:45 pace going and had to walk parts.

This coming weekend I am shooting for an 11 miler somewhere around 10:30 pace. I think the trick for me is getting out early and getting it done.

Here I Go Again

Time to start again. I just signed up to run the Monroe Half Marathon on November 10th.  I have just finished day 2 of my training plan.  I am starting the plan based on running around 12-15 miles per week and a weight of 244 pounds as of today.  I have 3 events between now and then.  On August 5th I will be riding in a 20k bicycle time trial, then 2 Sprint Triathlons at Island Lake on August 18th and September 5th.

On day 1 on my training plan, I ran from my house to a local track, ran a mile on the track and then came home.  I surprised myself by running the mile in a 7:14.  So I have 2 goals for the Half Marathon.  1. I intend to weigh less than 230 pounds the day I run and 2. my goal time is sub 2 hours.

Why Do I Have A Blog?

Why do I have a a blog? Is a very good question when I never actually write anything. When I started this blog seven years ago I had a lot to write about and the time to do it. Amazing how much changes in seven years. Seven years ago, I had just taken up Mountain Bike Racing and was contemplating racing in a 24 hour mountain bike race. I also liked to write about politics. Seven years later I’m doing more running than I ever imagined. I have 2 marathon finishes that I would have thought completely crazy seven years ago. My daughter has grown from a fun little kid to a very mature eighth grader. A lot of my time is devoted to getting her to and from practices and game. Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it. It just doesn’t give me much time to keep up a blog.

I do actually have a couple of blog idols. My favorite is The Fat Cyclist . Fatty is usually quite humorous, an unbelievable fund raiser and fantastic storyteller. He is also close to my age so I can relate to him.

An extremely close second is Steve in a Speedo. Steve is a very fast runner, a really good triathlete and has a juvenile sense of humor (I mean that in a good way.) He is a new father and it is fun to watch his journey through fatherhood.

I want my blog to be similar to the two above. Funny and relatable are the two words that come to mind. In truth, as an athlete, I cannot relate to them at all. I am older, fatter and slower. Maybe that is the perspective I can add. The old slow guy who is trying to get faster.

A Bad Week

We this was not a good week at all. I missed my Monday workout because my foot was hurting. I managed to run Tuesday but Wednesday I intended to run. The only problem was that I forgot to pack running clothes when I left for the gym. I did have a swimsuit with me so I at least got a swim in. Thursday morning I woke up with a headache. Friday I just skipped working out because I felt lazy. I at least avoided junk food most of the week but there were a few failures that I don’t want to document.

Maybe I can get serious next week.

Time to Change My Life (Again)

It has been a really long time since I have posted anything. I have somehow managed to push my weight back over 240 and my clothes are starting to get tight again. It is time to start training fore something again. I think I am going to set my goals for doing 2 half marathons and 3 Olympic distance triathlons. The secondary goals will be to break 2 hours in the half and 3 hours in the Olympic triathlon.

My new baseline is this. I started this week with a weight of 244 pounds. On Thanksgiving day I ran a 26:20 5k. This is 2 minutes slower than my PR. I hope to break 24 in a 5k sometime next summer.

My tools for getting there include an iPhone app for tracking my food intake and a few training tracking apps because I just can’t narrow it down to one.

I intend to post weekly updates, plus a random off topic post once in a while. Since no one really reads this, I really can go anywhere.